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about FRICK!

Well, if you haven't already discovered, my name is Stacy Frick. (all of my friends affectionately call me "Frick") This whole cookie-thing started out of boredom. Wondering what I could do that excites my creative mind without being mundane and repetitive. I'm well aware that I am "late to the party" and should have started baking custom cookies about 4 years ago when they were really popular, but I feel like, who doesn't love cookies, right? I don't think they'll ever go out of style! I realized that I can create a new idea with just about every order. An exciting holiday or excuse each and every month! (and here's a list) WOO HOO! Lets get this late party STARTED!! (fashionably late of course!)

 I'm passionate about creating custom decorated cookies that not only look amazing but also taste delicious. In my home-based bakery, I create cookies in small batches to ensure the highest quality and freshness. And being born and raised a Cheese-head, of course I use real Wisconsin butter too!

My cookies are perfect for any occasion, whether you're celebrating a graduation, engagement, wedding, new baby, football night, school event, retirement, or just to surprise a friend because they love delicious and unique treats. I've got the perfectly designed cookie for you!

I am dedicated to making your vision a reality. I'll work closely with you, sharing my creative ideas, to design the perfect treat for your event or gift box.

Christmas Cookies
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