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  • Do you ship to other states?
    Yes. We do sell and ship our bouquets throughout the country. We prioritize affordability and typically utilize the most cost-effective shipping method available, unless specified otherwise by the customer. Due to the delicate nature of bouquets and their potential size, shipping costs may be slightly higher to ensure proper care and handling. Rest assured, we believe in transparent pricing. Our policy is simple: we only charge you what it costs us. Unlike some, we do not tack on any handling fees. Our shipping services extend to the contiguous 48 states. For further information or special requests, please don't hesitate to contact us.
  • How much is delivery?
    FREE pick-up/drop off at these three Locations: Tucson - I-10 and Red Rock Exit: 226 Phoenix - I-10 and SR 587-Casa Blanca Rd Exit: 175 Casa Grande - Florence Blvd Exit: 194 Delivery/Pick-up is curbside only Door-to-Door Delivery: Door-to-Door Delivery rate is $15 to the greater Tucson/Phoenix areas Questions? Contact us for details OR, free delivery if you use our photographer!
  • Do you create custom bouquets and centerpieces?
    YES! We specialize in crafting unique custom orders for bouquets, centerpieces, and arch arrangements. To begin, please give us a call to discuss your vision. A 20% deposit is required to initiate the process of sourcing the requested florals and supplies. During our conversation, we'll explore your desired color palette, specific details, and any creative ideas you have in mind. Our commitment is to create a tailored product that matches your unique vision. Once we've finalized the plan together, you can complete the form for invoicing. Additional Terms and Conditions are outlined within the form. We can also add florals to our pre-made arrangements shown on our website if you need it expeditiously!
  • Where are you located?
    We are physically located in south-central Arizona, in the Casa Grande area. We have FREE DELIVERY to 2 locations to save you a trip! (see delivery FAQ) and WE SHIP NATIONWIDE!
  • Are your flowers real or artificial?
    We specialize exclusively in crafting with artificial flowers, including some dried selections. While we don't identify as traditional florists, we are skilled artists who have a passion for weddings, dedicating ourselves to crafting exquisite bouquets and arrangements.
  • How far in advance should I order my bouquet?
    We suggest at least one to three months, but if you need it sooner, we can work with you. We also have several buy-it-now selections on our website to choose from.
  • How much is the deposit?
    For special orders, a 20% deposit is required at the time of placing the order. This deposit will be applied as a credit towards the final balance. We offer various convenient options for deposits, including Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, PayPal, and ApplePay. However, for the final purchase, if made in person, we prefer payment in cash, if a bank app is used, a 10% convenience fee will be added to your total.
  • Do the flowers look real?
    Absolutely! And whenever feasible, we opt for real-feel flowers, ensuring that touching them is as lifelike as their appearance. These flowers not only look authentic but also emit a gentle floral fragrance. Additionally, we incorporate natural elements like dried leaves and grass into our designs.
  • Do you have Terms and Conditions?
    Of course, and thanks for asking! Just click here⬇️ to download a PDF copy: There is also a link on our Special Order Form.
  • Can you tell me, how do I hold my wedding bouquet?"
    Yep, here is the answer to a seldom asked but often SHOULD be asked question! As any wedding photographer will tell you, this is a pet-peave. Basically, hold your bouquet with both hands. Unless one of your hands is holding something precious like your child, your father (or whomever) walking you down the aisle, your partner walking you out of the ceremony or the all-important cocktail which you SHOULD have been holding long before the ceremony even started to calm your nerves. Relax your arms and bring your thumbs to your belly-button or a tad bit lower. Your elbows will be slightly bent. HOLD YOUR BOUQUET on the top end of the stems, meaning near the top under the flower. Don't hold your hand-tied bouquet at the bottom of the stems. no no no! The ribbon wrap is meant for you to hold it. SO HOLD IT there! Don't hold your bouquet up in front of your face, or up in the air (unless you're celebrating with an astounding YAHOO!) The bouquet is meant to sit under your boobs, around your belly area. (many of us are happy about this location, I know I am) If you've got a smokin' bod, then by all means, drop that bouquet by your side, hold it flower-side to the ground and EMBRACE YOUR CURVES SISTAH! You got this!
  • How do you pin on a boutonniere?
    Use 2 pins if possible to avoid the flower from leaning from one side or the other. Take one pin and from behind the lapel, insert the pin from the top stem area and press to the bottom stem area. The second pin can be inserted in the same way but at a lower point into the stem. This avoids anyone from getting poked when hugged (and we KNOW this is a big part of your big day)!
  • Can you recommend a good DJ, Wedding Planner, H+M, Venue, etc.?
    ABSOLUTELY-WE LOVE OUR COLLABORATIVE GROUP! We only recommend the best in the business. If their names are listed, they're in good standing and have been either personally experienced or researched! Please contact them directly and tell them that you received their information from Wedding Bouquets AZ, or On The Rocks Photography (Stacy Frick) we love sending our couples to great people! Follow this link for all of the great Vendors that we work with: Click here for our VENDOR LIST
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