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about your photo session + what to wear

this page contains tiny bits of information that will  help you with some questions that you may have, it may not relate you your specific type of photo shoot or your individual situation, but it contains some general information that may help you before your scheduled session. please don't hesitate to contact me with any specific questions that you may have, i am here to help and want you to be 100% happy with the end result.

what to wear
what to expect

when you are getting ready for your photo session, the biggest thing to create great memories is your clothing choice:

what you SHOULD wear:

  • light colored solids

  • coordinate with the other people in the shoot

  • everyone should wear, the same hue and/or colorpastels are often the best choice

  • everyone should try to wear the same shoe type/color 

  • everyone should wear one type of pant/bottom (eg: jeans or khaki)

  • classic styles (keep it timeless)

what you should NOT wear:​

  • NO stripes, plaids, checks or any obvious designs

  • NO patterns, floral or polka dots (this CAN work, depending)

  • NO logos, numbers or insignia

  • NO bright colored or neon nail polish, keep it neutral

  • NO hair accessories, if you must, keep them to the minimum

  • NO watches

  • NO excessive jewelry or rings

remember... the pictures are about YOU, NOT the clothing or accessory, (unless we are doing a fashion shoot) you want people to look at the finished product and see YOU and/or your family, NOT what you were wearing, AND as you know it doesn't take long for a style to be out dated after a few months. trust me, you'll be sorry. (you'll ask yourself "what was I thinking" when you look back at your photos a few years from now)

if everyone sticks to the basics you will enjoy a clean crisp photo that you will enjoy for years to come.

If this is your first time on a professional photo shoot journey you may not know exactly what goes on. well, your day will start out with frantic thoughts, how's my makeup? is this the right outfit? will the kids act up? will everyone smile? do these shoes match?...


DON'T WORRY! I have been making people feel comfortable for over 20 years. I love having fun with my clients and making them feel as relaxed as possible.

If you have kids, I will dance with them, skip, act crazy and make them say stupid words, anything to make them laugh, if it is a family shoot, I will organize everyone, pick the right person for the 'middle spot' and get everyone situated so you are all comfortable and relaxed. if its a boudoir shoot, I will let you take your time until you feel totally at ease.


there is never any pressure to hurry, because I won't charge you extra if your session goes a bit longer than scheduled, it's expected and encouraged. I don't want you to be rushed or stressed!  (unless I have back-to-back sessions... then, I'm sorry if our session has to end at the scheduled time)


we have one chance to do this. I want you to be happy, and come back again and again, year after year and tell all of your friends how much fun you had. I REALLY appreciate referrals, so I want your experience to be one that you can brag about!

family photo
what happens after

after your photo shoot, there will be a big rock lifted off of your shoulders. Your FINISHED! YAY! but now what happens?


in about 24-72 hours (sometimes, bur rarely longer) I will upload all of your photos to an online site. I will give you a link and a password to your private online folder. you will get to look at all of your proofs (pictures/shots) from the session. you can take your time going through all of them...there will be many....pick your favorites, add them to your favorites folder, give yourself a break and go back later and go through more. the link never expires. you can give this information to family and friends so everyone can participate in the process.


if you need any adjusting on any of your photos, like a blemish, stray hair, shadow, etc. I will be happy to help you out with that too. just remember to let me know before you order that particular photo. when referring to a photo, please use the image number (eg: IMG_2047) at the bottom of the photo when it is in the viewing window.


the great part of having all of your photos uploaded is that you can share instantly with family, friends and coworkers. whether they live in tulsa or trinidad, they can order photos directly from the site and they will be mailed directly to the person who is ordering. there is an option to purchase a plethora of other items from photo books to key chains. also please note that the photo may need to be cropped for the size or product that you choose.

what else

first things first...


thank you!


from the bottom of my heart, I so much appreciate that you chose me to create memories for you & your family and friends. there are so many photographers to choose from and I am honored that you chose me! again, thank you so much!


now the other stuff...

I want you to be 100% satisfied with your pictures. if for any reason you are not, let me know and I will be happy to re-shoot your session at no charge to you! satisfaction guaranteed!  bottom line.. if you are not happy...I am not happy, it's as simple as that.


also, I would truly appreciate you blabbing about me to your friends, family members and coworkers. word of mouth is the greatest compliment (as long as it's truthful and and I feel the only way to achieve that is to have a happy customer. most of my clients come from past customers, and I would greatly appreciate it if you would help to spread a good word!


again, thank you so much for allowing me into your personal space and creating your life long memories in pictures.




stacy (aka "frick")


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